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Featured Books: How To Deal With CoViD-19, Israel's Homecoming, Throngs of Iniquity, Transformational Leadership

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"For her testimony, if authentic, could likely show that this whole pandemic was one of the following: a planned event, a lab accident, or a very swarthy lab created virus that was able to produce enough of an authentic looking day pass to the lab security officers in order for it to slip out into the world. Yet whether it was planned, an accident, a swarthy lab created virus, a zoonotic virus, or something else, our reaction to it should be guided by God’s teachings above all else."

From Chapter Chapter 2 Alleged Causes of the COVID-19 Virus [html] (p3) of the book

How To Deal With CoViD-19 [info]

by Misop Baynun

a MagPro Publishing author

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Misop Baynun while in Florida

Misop's written works include How To Deal With CoViD-19, Israel's Homecoming, Throngs of Iniquity, and Misop's Book of Band Names

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